Pink is

not just

a color

About Us

Fuchsia Productions was born in 2009, and its founder and CEO is Dana Dayan. After over 20 years in TV production, during which she produced some of Israel’s biggest hits (“Eretz Nehederet”, Amazing Race, Lifetime shows, and more) and even invented some new formats (one of which was nominated for an Emmy®!), Dana founded the house of Fuchsia right on the corner where content meets production.

Her concept was a boutique production house that brings together the finest experts in Israel’s television and film industries – content specialists, screenwriters, producers, art directors, film crews, video editors, after-effect and animation editors, and many more – to serve the digital industry and engage users in new and exciting ways.

We offer full video content services from start to end. We can provide a free content audit and video strategy as a part of our service. Fuchsia brings the collective years of our experience to the creative design and strategy of every project. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best video content for their needs, drive results for their brand, and build long-term partnerships.